About Us

The rich history of the Catholic Church in the Fraser Valley area of Chilliwack dates back to 1865 and was first ministered by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate to the First Nations communities along the Fraser River. In 1894 there was a church built, in the area that later became the Chilliwack district. In 1909 that Church was placed on skids and moved closer to town to a new location on land on Mary Street. As Chilliwack grew, so did the Catholic community and a new bigger church was designed and built. This new church was blessed on September 26, 1935 by His Excellency W.M. Duke.

With continued growth the current St. Mary’s Church, built on land down Mary Street adjacent to St. Mary’s School (built in 1948), was blessed by the Most Reverend His Excellency Martin M. Johnson on December 11, 1955, under the watchful eye of the then parish priest, Reverend McKinnon.

St. Mary’s has continued to be a blessed community has thrived and grown under the guidance of many devout pastors and assistant pastors. The parish community has a long history of cooperation and ministry with the many First Nations in the area, as well as an active presence serving the needs of the poor and marginalized.

                   Our administrator is
       Reverend Edwin Neufeld
                                    Our assistant pastor is
                       Reverend Davide Lanzani

Fr. Davide Lanzani